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I am currently working on a Web site for my small art publication and as well as for my school project.

I need artists, photographers, and writers, crafters, everything artistic or musicially inclined.

I want to have a column for people who are interested in having art pals or have an art journal they would like to send back and forth!?

I need people who have creative tutorials they would like to share and put in the publication.

I need people who are into poetry and writing or journaling that either have tips for getting rid of writers block or would like to share a short writing.

I have a few people i especially admire looking at their art on here I would like to have them as an inspiring artist page.

If you have special or really cool photographs that just speak to your heart, I would like to include them.

All rights and recognitions would go to the person who created it or photographed it.

check out the http://www.myspace.com/maesmadaboutart

m.a.d. about art: mae's.artsy.distro


check out m.a.d. about art: mae's.artsy.distro's myspace.

dont be shy add to your friends and start submitting.
lookforward to hearing from you all.

m.a.d. about art: mae's artsy zine

attn everyone: i am in the process of putting together m.a.d. about art: mae's artsy zine's first copy.

my columns are; art, photography, writing, journaling, music, diy craftsters art snail mail.

i am looking for artists, photographers, and writers to submit work of a favorite piece or recently completed piece. please include: name, email (optional), technique, tips, short bio, and where you find your inspiration.

musicians: send your short demos and list of shows, along with a bio, including name and email,website, genre and photograph. will do a review and help promote.

journalers: send journal entries from visual art diaries, sketchbooks, etc. please include a bio, name, email, web address (if applicable), tips, techniques, and where you find your inspiration.

diy crafsters: looking for tutorials, include name, email, include photos in tutorials.

want a snail mail pal? miss the old way of getting letters and tired of all those bills occupying that mail box?? this may be the place. looking for people to be listed in the snail mail column for art pals. include name, email, short bio. once recieved i will send a questionaire via email or snail mail to fill out and reply too. it will be posted in the column and open to people who would like to have a snail mail pal that is interested in the arts, writing, crafts, music etc.

please send all submissions via snail mail or email.

m.a.d. about art: mae's artsy distro
c/o shanna olsen
po box 1096
baudette, mn 56623


website page still in production.
look forward to hearing from all of you.

and she admired the pastel painted sky

i haven't wrote in forever. i feel like i have been in hiding when in all actuallity i have been working for 7 straight days and its not even over yet. i have been penciling out ideas in my head of my new creations i am about to take upon. so much is going on. my sister gets married this saturday and i just want to find some time where i can do some of my art. i have bought a NEW sketch book and decided i must invest in a moleskine journal because it can go anywhere with me in my purse and no one will know. most things strike me as intruiging while i am out on the lake. too many things go through my mind. i need a traveling notebook. i need to start writing more. i need to start doing things that are theraputic. i need it.

shes changed

i've learned a lot.
i've changed a lot.

i am:
in love;
worn out;
and many more to follow;

i went from no organization to a lot of organization.
i went from completely lonely to completely loved and comfortable and not alone.
i went from sleeping alone to waking up to the most amazing man in the world each morning.
i became a pet owner.
i learned to stand up for myself more than before.
i learned to not be stupid about some things.
i learned a new kind of patience;new kind of love; new kind of lifestyle.
i changed degrees and i appreciate art and music more and more each day.
i appreciate literature and i spend so much time with my daughter and i love her.
i fish more too and think too much but don't write enough anymore.
ok i am just complaining and being happy at the same time.
there is no point to this; and its going no where.
i just needed to write to get feeling like myself again.
i am looking into screen printing and will be doing more of my art stuff.
my phone has been broken for a month now. i am pissed.

she found real love

and while i was surfing myspace for lack of anything-better-to-do;
i ran into your picture; i froze.
it's been months since i have talked to you.
i just sent you back your dogtag in the beginning of may.
maybe that was my curse.
i had no choice but to move on; and im sorry but i am not.
sorry if i hurt you ever; but i found someone so amazing that makes me feel equally special.
someone who is exactally like me.
we are like twins of the opposite sex; seperated at birth.
i wish you the best in life; i do.
i've found a real love and not one that was lust or infatuation.
i hate running into you in photographs or dreams.
i want to forget you; truly i do.

in 2005.... a toast to the new year.

in two thousand and five i learned what it was to fall & more than once; only to get back up & try again.
i learned the meaning of true beauty & i learned the true meaning of ugly.
i found who my true friends were& i learned i can only depend on myself.
i learned what it was to be "sick" and suffer from depression & i learned what it is to take care of my health.
i built a wall so big no one could enter & pushed away the ones i love doing so.
i was blinded by evil & i still confide in God.
i learned the meaning of being poor & i learned what it was to not be able to eat & i learned what it was like to be miles from home and have nothing & what it was to keep on going & if you hold on long enough then you will make it.
i learned what it was to be taken advantage of & i learned what it is to be used.
i have loved & i have felt hate. hate from the ones i confided in and in return they stabbed me in the back with a 1000 knives.
i learned i shouldnt trust so easily but after trusting so easily & to be torn apart & harassed.
i learned you cannot live with friends & that next time i should live with a complete stranger.
i have built new friendships & others have been destroyed.
i learned i should have listened to everyone years ago when they told me she was a kniving little bitch.
but i failed to see it & i kept trusting her with everything i had & every little secret.
i was a mother of one which soon became two & then back to one.
i have lost ones who were dear to me & tried to hide that broken smile with an untrue smile.
ive come a long ways in life but only after running from what i feared & now im not scared anymore.
i have developed insomnia & hate laying in bed at night for hours thinking & fretting about failing again the next day.
i moved far away from this place & i moved again; only to come back to what it is i dread ( this town).
i have stumbled upon long lost friends, old classmates, & old aquantances.
ive learned som have changed for the best & some have changed for the worst & some will just never change.
usually the ones you wish would grow up & stop acting so stupid.
ive stumbled upon my long lost love after two years when i ran from him because i was too scared of being hurt & have learned to love again.
i learned of how this world is ugly in so many ways & have found little beauty far & between.
i have met some really cool people & i have seen some really ugly people; that not being by looks but their soul or innerselves.
i learned of more beauty behind music & i have started writing more & love to write once again.
i have developed a love for words & love being different.
i have fought with my thoughts of self esteem & i have suffered from a lot of horrifying things & i still cant let go of her & everytime i go back to that small town i break down crying while im drinking & have to leave because i cant handle it & everyone around me reminds me of her.
i learned what it is to truly be alone & to stare at the same walls over&over again & feel secluded from civilization.
i have shared a lot of great conversations & spent time with people in life & shared memories i will never forget.
i once found a place i felt i fit in & suddenly that was taken from me too.
i have learned a lot & i have learned a little.
i have loved & i have been broken.
i have made progress in life but for every step i took forward.. sometimes ended up taking me two or three steps back.
i have fallen & i have gotten back up.
i have learned how much more family is important & i have heard a scared mothers voice & heard the hatred she had towards that girl for what she has done.
i have gained a lot & i have lost alot.
i have learned i still love acting like a child & running around dancing in the streets & acting like a huge dork & doing stupid things that others that are no fun would dream of doing.
i have learned to love again & i hope the new year is better than the last & a lot like the year before the last.
i hope i learn more this year & become even stronger than i am & i build more friendships or mend old bridges with old friends that i just lost contact with.
this year has been full of rocks in the roads & not much this year has been easy at all; i just keep on keeping on & will make it some how or some way i always do.

♥ to all; may your new year be great and filled with fun and happiness