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m.a.d. about art: mae's artsy zine

attn everyone: i am in the process of putting together m.a.d. about art: mae's artsy zine's first copy.

my columns are; art, photography, writing, journaling, music, diy craftsters art snail mail.

i am looking for artists, photographers, and writers to submit work of a favorite piece or recently completed piece. please include: name, email (optional), technique, tips, short bio, and where you find your inspiration.

musicians: send your short demos and list of shows, along with a bio, including name and email,website, genre and photograph. will do a review and help promote.

journalers: send journal entries from visual art diaries, sketchbooks, etc. please include a bio, name, email, web address (if applicable), tips, techniques, and where you find your inspiration.

diy crafsters: looking for tutorials, include name, email, include photos in tutorials.

want a snail mail pal? miss the old way of getting letters and tired of all those bills occupying that mail box?? this may be the place. looking for people to be listed in the snail mail column for art pals. include name, email, short bio. once recieved i will send a questionaire via email or snail mail to fill out and reply too. it will be posted in the column and open to people who would like to have a snail mail pal that is interested in the arts, writing, crafts, music etc.

please send all submissions via snail mail or email.

m.a.d. about art: mae's artsy distro
c/o shanna olsen
po box 1096
baudette, mn 56623


website page still in production.
look forward to hearing from all of you.


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